Establishment of the Environment Compliance Assistance Centre (ECAC) is one of the objectives of the CBIPM project under Strengthening of Environmental Institutions.

The purpose of ECAC is to assist industry to establish, operate and attain regulatory and voluntary environmental compliance in a cost effective manner by providing appropriate technological and legal/administrative information, initially primarily through web based services. To this end, the ECAC collaborates with its strategic partners and deploys program resources to support information collection and dissemination, technical assistance and training. ECAC is also mandated to identify and prioritise the industrial sectors which need assistance for achieving compliance. The ECAC is expected to serve as an entrepreneur’s first stop where all proponents can approach for comprehensive cleaner technology and environmental compliance related information. The ECAC will archive the best environmental practices of different industrial sectors and create awareness through dissemination of information regarding cleaner technologies, environmental regulations, norms and standards, economic instruments etc. through the web-based information network system. The centre will act as a platform for hosting dissemination forums both nationally as well as on an international level. As part of its mandate, ECAC is to hold consultation workshops, exchange visits and trainings for stakeholders including interested entrepreneurs, to introduce them to best practices. It is envisioned that in due course the Centre will function as an independent entity providing a wide range of support and assistance to industries in the State  to help them access cleaner technologies and attain improved environmental compliance.  Demonstration projects for major industrial sectors may also be undertaken.

Considering the strength and limitation of  the environmental regulatory regime in place and the importance attached by the State Government towards environmental compliance, it is proposed to set up  an Environment Compliance Assistance Centre (ECAC)  in the Office of Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) under the World bank assisted CBIPM Project. 

Consultancy Services for ECAC