Project Development objective

The development objective of the project is (i) to build tangible human and technical capacity in selected state agencies for undertaking environmentally sound remediation of polluted sites (ii) to support the development of a policy, institutional and methodological framework for the establishment of a National Program for Rehabilitation of Polluted Sites (NPRPS).

The key performance outcome indicators supporting the project development objective are:

  • Supporting the NPRPS by developing a methodological framework for inventorying polluted sites, establishing ‘best practice’ solutions and engaging multiple stakeholders in the implementation, including cost recovery mechanisms.
  • An Environmental Compliance Assistance Center (ECAC) has been established and will be fully functional by end of year 2 in West Bengal (WB) and by end of year 4 in Andhra Pradesh (AP).
  • Water quality and soil characteristics at the pilot sites comply with national standards and mechanisms established to monitor in the long term.
  • Clean up/remediation technologies have been piloted at orphan hazardous waste sites and municipal dumpsites in selected states and a network of state PCBs established by MOEF for knowledge dissemination and project based training.
  • Guidelines and standards for remediation developed and supervisory capacity of technical staff at environment agencies to implement remediation plans and monitor environmental conditions strengthened.