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Consultant Shortlisted for impact of MSW study

1   M/s. IL & FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Ltd., (IEISL)
2   M/s. IRG Systems South Asia (P) Ltd.,
3   M/s. ICF Consulting India (P) Ltd.,
4   M/s. Aarvee Associates
5   M/s.Senes Consultants India (P) LTd.,
6   M/s. IPE Global

EOI submitted firms

1   M/s. ERM India Private Limited
2   M/s.IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure and Services Limited.
3   M/s. Mott MacDonald.
4   M/s.EPTRI.
5   M/s. IRG Systems South Asia Pvt. Ltd.
6   M/s. Vision RI Connexion Services Private Limited
7   M/s. ICF International
8   M/s. Greenstratos Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
9   M/s. Senes Consultants India Pvt. Ltd.
10   M/s. IPE Global Infrastructure Professional Enterprise (P) Ltd.
11   M/s. Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
12   M/s.Infrastructure Management and Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
13   M/s. APITCO Limited (Engineering Growth)
14   M/s. Sukukki Exnora
15   M/s. CTRAN Consulting Ltd.
16   M/s. Hubert Enviro Care Systems (P) Ltd.
17   M/s. Centre for Environment & Development and Green Origin
18   M/s.ERNST & YOUNG Pvt. Ltd.
19   M/s.J.Kuladeep Consultancy